Review: True North

True North by H.B. Kravets centers around a life that turns into a battle after a soldier returns home and must re-adjust to his life as a civilian. Beginning in World War II, True North is a story of human nature put to the test. The first two parts of the novel introduce us to life as a soldier, and we follow David as he becomes a prisoner of war in Germany. He returns home with vivid memories, and terrible nightmares, eager to see his lover, Jessie, again.

While I half-expected this book to be the quintessential "war novel", it was not. It was a novel about finding one's path after drastic changes and tragedy, and about feeling out of place in everyday life. Mr. Kravets does a wonderful job illustrating the struggles of a Veteran returning home. The author himself was a POW, and his insight and style of writing is truly thought-provoking. This novel centers around the psychological and life-changing effects of war, as the main character, David, struggles to find True North.