These are the publishers that I am affiliated with.  Check them out, and find them on Facebook.

Limitless Publishing: Publishes all genres. An especially wonderful publisher to check out if you enjoy good romance.

Sunshine Press: Home of the Clearwater Romance multi-author series.

Bookkus Publishing: Bookkus has a fresh, interesting perspective on publishing. From the website: “Bookkus publishing is a creative trade publisher that uses a group of reviewers to help choose which books readers find the most interesting and entertaining.”

Marketing Options for Authors

Sizzling PR: A multi-talented marketing company, wonderful for all genres, but especially Romance, Mainstream Fiction, and Young Adult. Sizzling PR is also home to Sizzling Scoop Magazine. Affordable.

Editorial Consultants
If I can’t help you, I know someone who can!

Linda Seed Editorial Services

Nikki Busch Editing Services

KOK Edit

Ripleygold Proofreading & Copy Editing— Even an editor needs an editor, and Lori has been a wonderful help to me.

Laura Cat Copyediting— Laura Cathleen is fantastic. So is her cat!

Graphic Artists

Rakestraw Book Design— Also includes editing, and other services.

Shauna Aura Knight— Artist, illustrator, graphic designer, consultant. Shauna does gorgeous work.

M Designs— Beautiful book covers, both custom and pre-made.

Freelance Help

Dr. Freelance— Expert advice on freelance jobs and client relationships.

Tech Help

Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word: If you’re not good with computers, but you’ve hired an editor, you may need to learn to use Track Changes in Word. This will give you a good start.

On Book Reviews: For Reviewers and Writers

The Etiquette of Writing Reviews— “A book review is a piece of writing in itself, and the author of that writing should take what they’re doing seriously and endeavor to do the best they can. I don’t think a reviewer has to be a stellar writer, I just believe they should do their best to cover important points in their review.”

Radio / Podcasts

Indiereview Behind the Scenes Radio— A showcase of young adult Indie titles, authors, musicians, and more.